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Alchemy Project Journey

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

— African proverb

The Alchemy Project is...

…an experimental community of practice discovering and shaping a future for the Bible. We are innovators, practitioners, thinkers, radicals; we’re young people, old people, students, parents. We’re from all over the world, from many different strands of Christian faith – including many who live right on the margins – and this is our space to experiment with the Bible; to play and to learn.

This website provides structured ‘experiments’ – new, tangible approaches to engaging with the Bible for this community to try out. We each choose one, try it out, and share our learning about what went well, what didn’t and how we’d improve the experiment. Together our voices shape a future for the Bible.


Choose an Experiment

Each experiment is a practical idea for experiencing the Bible in a new way. Over time you’ll find a growing bank of new ideas to try.


Try it Out

Do one of the experiments - on your own, with your friends, or as part of a group you lead. Make sure everyone who takes part gets the survey link in the experiment.


Share the Results

Head back to this website and leave your feedback. What was good? What wasn’t? What would you improve? That insight creates a learning community.

We're learning together and we're shaping the future

Start your own community of practice

Why not start your own community of practice where you are? The experiments on this site are all about ‘reflective practice’. In other words, it’s about trying something, reflecting on how it went, and learning from that. A community of practice can help you embed reflective practice in your ministry.

You could choose an experiment from this site, try it out separately and then reflect on it together. Or you could choose your own idea, something that’s really relevant to your particular space. We have communities of practice starting in all kinds of places all over the world. Coming soon: how to share your learning with the global community.

Why the Alchemy Project?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re bringing people together who wouldn’t normally come together and from that alchemy new practice is emerging.

But there’s a deeper reason for the name. As cultural globalisation spreads, through rapidly increasing internet access, unprecedented change is occurring in youth cultures all across the world. This cultural change is caused by the alchemy of different people from different places with different values and it is undermining traditional social structures. The current effect is an extreme decline in scripture engagement in urban centres - a trend that will only increase worldwide as rapid urbanisation continues and the price of high-speed internet access continues to fall. But rather than seeing this future as a threat to global scripture engagement, The Alchemy Project views it as a powerful opportunity for disruptive innovation; the sort of game-changing moment that can ignite a whole new paradigm for engagement with the Scriptures.

Simply: we’re all different - that’s good - we come together - that’s alchemy.

We are people from all over the world, from different cultures, with different theologies, and world-views. We have different approaches to our faith. Some of us really love our churches, some of us have left any traditional form of church behind. What unites us is the single overwhelming belief that the Scriptures have the power to transform our lives.

We have different questions, we have different interpretations, we find different bits meaningful and are confounded and confused by others. But together we have plunged headfirst into the Bible as a story to live with those around us, with all the raw honesty that requires. And we want to find new, tangible ways to do that better, for ourselves and for our communities. We're bringing those differences together to create the alchemy for something profoundly new.

We are a global network of innovators in using the Bible. Some of us are pastors, some work for Christian organisations, some are web geeks and others are academics. Together we want to discover and shape a future for the Bible.

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Got a question we haven't answered?

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