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Playlist submitted by: Naomi Millard
Passage it relates to: Genesis 6-9

About the playlist:

Live Forever Oasis

The people on earth at that time were very self-absorbed and serving their own purpose, they weren’t really concerned with the world around them and how it works, or the rights and wrongs of what they were doing. They may have felt they had it all and were indestructible.

I Predict A Riot Kaiser Chiefs

God saw the wickedness of the human race and that there was only evil intent in their hearts. This could only lead to disaster. God ‘predicted a riot’ and had to step in.

Standing On The Promises Glen Campbell

God chose Noah because he was righteous in Gods eyes. Noah obeyed God and did exactly what was asked of him. This whole story rests on a promise of God never to flood the whole earth again. Noah had to trust God and have faith in him; he truly had to stand on the promises of God.

Love Reign O’er Me The Who

This is for me the most perfect song for this story. It is one of my all-time favourite songs anyway and the fact that the lyrics are about ‘love bringing the rain’ enforces for me the truth that God made the rain come because he loved this world so much, he needed to do something about the wickedness that was getting out of control.

Daddy Sang Bass Johnny Cash

They were on the Ark for just over a year, apart from shovelling the proverbial, there might not have been a lot to do to so I’m guessing they would have had a good ol’ family sing-a-long!

I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash

And then the rains cleared, here is the rainbow Noah had been praying for and God had promised. Gone are the dark clouds, the future looks bright!